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Double the Water.

Kanungu, West Uganda is close to our hearts. Not only is it where we source our Direct Trade coffee from, our mission as a company is to see the community of this region transformed. That is why, Mt Atkinson Coffee is getting behind ‘Double the Water’ campaign by the Village Project. Until the end of March, every dollar given to rain harvesting water tanks in Uganda will be doubled. A generous donor is willing to match all donations up to $10,000. This means that what is raised for the community of Kanungu will double in its impact for families who are in desperate need. Ruths' Story: Ruth (36) and her husband Tito (48) have five children live in a two...

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Introducting the SHINE project. Clean water for the people who grow our coffee.

Thanks to you drinking Mt Atkinson coffee we were able to contribute to the transformation of the community who grows our coffee. “The SHINE project” was launched on 2nd October 2021 in Kanungu District, South-western Uganda. This project was funded by The Village Project. Inpact is the Uganda Partner and Global Development Group ensured its well governed and the best development practises are in place. Mt Atkinson Coffee funded the distribution of water purification tablets, so that all the water collected is 100% safe to drink. For many years the Village Project has worked with Global Development group and Watoto in the building of Rain harvesting tanks in Uganda. This new project has that same heart - water, sanitation and...

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Coffee Picking in the North of New Zealand

Last week on our summer holiday we got the chance to go and pick coffee at New Zealands only coffee farm. Rob and Carol of Ikarus coffee are based in the Pekarau Hills, in the far north of New Zealand. They run the coffee at the Kaitaia and Kerikeri markets, and the rest of their time, they tend to the 1200 coffee trees on their beautiful property. We turned up at around 10am and I was immediately transported back to the last time Emily and I picked coffee in 2017 Kanungu, Uganda. Every sense was hit, seeing the trees laden with coffee cherries all lined up in rows. Hearing the pulper taking the skin of the cherry. Tasting the freshly...

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Coffee meets Whisky - A Collab of West Aucklands most finest.

Mt Atkinson Coffee and Thomson Whisky come together with a coffee concoction Worldwide, empty Whisky barrels are very rare, even more so in New Zealand. That’s why we were stoked that Mat Thomson of Thomson whisky put some aside for us again this year.  It is always so fun going out to the whisky distillery and seeing the hands on process of creating a beautiful spirit. By traditional methods for contemporary ends –for Mat and the team, it’s all about a passion for the spirit, creativity, and respect for the process. As one of only a few commercial distilleries in New Zealand they hugely contribute to the craft distilling movement in Aotearoa. Once we had the barrels back at the...

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Brighten up your summer drinks.

We are stoked to releasing some exclusive Hand blown glasses, Made in Aotearoa. In collaboration with Amokura Glass we have a unique glass that will brighten up your summer drinks. This glass was created to pair perfectly with our Whisky barrel aged cold brew but also able to transition to your evening Gin and tonic or Red wine. Amokura Glass is based in Rotorua and run by artist Heather Kremen. She specialises in one-of-a-kind blown glass objects. Creating functional, decorative, and sculptural works. Her studio produces high-quality decorative and functional glass art. We worked with Heather over the past few months to get a glass we are stoked on. The colour combination gets us in a party vibe. Each one is hand crafted and blown by her. Much like...

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