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Brighten up your summer drinks.

We are stoked to releasing some exclusive Hand blown glasses, Made in Aotearoa. In collaboration with Amokura Glass we have a unique glass that will brighten up your summer drinks. This glass was created to pair perfectly with our Whisky barrel aged cold brew but also able to transition to your evening Gin and tonic or Red wine. Amokura Glass is based in Rotorua and run by artist Heather Kremen. She specialises in one-of-a-kind blown glass objects. Creating functional, decorative, and sculptural works. Her studio produces high-quality decorative and functional glass art. We worked with Heather over the past few months to get a glass we are stoked on. The colour combination gets us in a party vibe. Each one is hand crafted and blown by her. Much like...

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We are back! The Mt Atkinson Coffee Shop reopens!

You may have already come visit, or seen online, but we opened The Mt Atkinson Coffee Shop in May 2021 and boy are we stoked. How has this happened? Where is it? Didn’t it used to be the Tannery Café? Great questions, let me clear that up for you with a whirlwind history of our involvement at 44b Portage Road, New Lynn, West Auckland. Way back in 2013 Mt Atkinson Coffee was just a coffee cart on Atkinson Road with a big dream. That dream was to help Ugandan coffee growers by buying and importing their coffee. We needed a space to roast and serve our coffee and so we opened The Tannery café on Portage Road, in New Lynn...

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Coffee and Water Equals Life

At Mt Atkinson Coffee our speciality is connecting your cup of coffee with positive change for a community of coffee growers in Kanungu, West Uganda. Through the purchasing and importing of this coffee we are seeing this community transformed. We call it DIRECT TRADE. Every KG that we import from Uganda has a margin built in that funds initiatives to lift this area out of poverty. What exactly does it fund? Water purification You know that horrible queasy feeling that you get when you are not well? its not quite painful, but you can’t ever really relax. Hard to concentrate, hard to focus on anything. You constantly just wish it felt better. Wish it felt normal. In Kanungu, West Uganda...

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Whisky Barrel Aged Cold Brew Recipe

Whisky Barrel Aged Cold Brew Recipe Things you need: Any glass jar, a muslin cloth or nut milk bag, 100g of Mt Atkinson Coffee, 2 cups of cold water, 25ml vanilla syrup and ice Method: 1. Grind coffee beans and add to jar 2. Add the water and stir to incorporate 3. Steep the coffee covered overnight in the fridge, min 12 hours, max 24 hours (15 hours is ideal) 4. Strain the coffee concentrate through the cloth 5. Transfer the cold brew to a clean jar, and store in fridge for up to 2 weeks Mix together 1⁄2 cup of whiskey barrel aged cold brew concentrate and 1⁄2 cup of Water (still or sparkling). Stir in vanilla syrup to...

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Direct Trade Coffee - What impact does it have?

We connect your cup of coffee directly with positive change for a community in West Uganda. But what difference does it actually make? This coffee that we import and roast, directly provides funding for remote maternity clinics in the Kanungu region of West Uganda. Here in New Zealand, we enjoy very safe, accessible environments for women during child birth, as well as skilled professionals to guide them through the process. The result is, we have very low rates of child mortality and maternal (mothers) mortality during childbirth. It was shocking when we found out, that women in Kanungu, West Uganda have a 48x higher chance of dying during labour than if they were in NZ. Like you, we want to...

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