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Commercial coffee supply for your cafe or office

Coffee is not simply a drink.

When combined with a cafe or restaurant setting it brings people together, it inspires connection through stories, it fosters love and it transforms lives. Not bad for a few beans right? But you know this already. Either you’re in the business yourself with a cafe, restaurant or chain and you are looking for a coffee brand to align with yours, or you’re part of an office or team who needs their daily fuel to be a quality product packaged in great service when you buy your beans by the kilo. Either way, we are ready to make your life easy. Get set up with a wholesale account or reach out and we’ll give you a discount code to order for your staff online. You will love being part of our story and telling your customers where their coffee comes from.

Here at Mt Atkinson, we don't just roast coffee

We roast the best coffee. Our coffee is roasted, blended and packed to perfection. Our blends are tested daily on urban coffee lovers at our roastery, the coffee cart at events, and our other café partners. They tell us it is ‘the best in the world’ so we took their word for it and put it on our packaging! The great thing is, you can treat your coffee lovers to the “best coffee in the world” too. And you can feel good doing it.

In everything we do at Mt Atkinson, we transform lives.

It might be the lives of your patrons popping in for their morning cup of java, your baristas who get to work with the highest quality beans, or your fellow co workers fueling up for that last meeting of the day. But it is definitely the lives of those that need it the most…

The Mt Atkinson difference

Many businesses are now supporting fair trade. We do it too and we wanted to take it further, dealing directly with the farmers who lovingly grow the coffee beans. That is why we have formed a direct trade partnership with farmers in Uganda, East Africa. We have carefully selected the best of the best when it comes to coffee farmers. We take a great interest in where our beans come from and we often travel to Uganda to connect with our growers and for coffee research. Knowing our top quality growers personally ensures that we work together to consistently produce the best tasting coffee.

Jacob and Paul from Kenya

We directly see the difference our partnership makes in these coffee farming communities. Our absolute favourite part of running this business is talking with our Ugandan partners and hearing about the community transformation that is happening for the coffee farmers.

And we taste the love in every drop.

Coffee Beans on the tree

We have welcomed these farmers into the Mt Atkinson whanau and we would love to welcome you too. When you buy our coffee, you can be part of the Mt Atkinson story. The numerous cafes and eateries we supply around our beautiful country love being part of our story and telling their customers where the coffee comes from. It feels good to transform entire farming communities! And it doesn’t hurt that our fresh roasted coffee always gets compliments on how consistently good tasting it is!

Plus, we get it. We are a business too. A business that runs our own cafe serving thirsty customers all day long. We know that running a café goes way beyond just getting the right beans. Mt Atkinson can provide you with a well-rounded service that you can lean on to get your cafe mix right.

We are here for you. We are Auckland locals, we can respond faster than anyone else. We are on hand to service all your coffee needs. Running low on beans? We can drop around another bag pronto, just give us a ring. But don’t panic if you aren’t Auckland local! For our customers outside Auckland, we have an overnight courier service which means you won’t have to wait long for your beans! We also have an exceptional network of espresso mechanics that we can recommend to ensure your machines are always serviced and ready to serve our coffee – no problem.

So, why is our commercial coffee supply the best?

We take a huge amount of pride in our signature coffee blends. Coffee beans all behave differently and we take great care in roasting them by single origin.

What does that mean? Single origin means that each of the beans come from a single geographic location. That could be as localised as a singular farm or a specific country. By roasting separately as a single origin, we can ensure we get the best out of every bean. Once our beans have been roasted, we leave them to breathe for a week. This process helps to draw out the unique flavours in each batch. We then use the “post blending” technique where we blend several different origins together to create a taste sensation. Our blends are designed to create a better, more rounded coffee experience. We take the best of each origin and combine it to create something amazing. All our coffee is batch coded and can be traced back through the blending and roasting process to the importer and farmer.

Coffee Beans

Our blends

We are best known for our Piha blend. But we also have a selection of other flavour varieties, including decaffeinated coffee. We love to experiment with roasting and blending, so we frequently have a limited release for you to explore.

We welcome your questions about our pricing.

We don't hide the fact that our coffee is at the higher end of the market. We work on the philosophy that you really do get what you pay for. We pay top dollar to the coffee farmers for top quality coffee.

Why would you want to buy from Mt Atkinson?

We have three great reasons...

1. Our coffee tastes great

2. It transforms lives 

3. You become part of the Mt Atkinson crew

So, if you would like to join the crew and stock our world-class coffee, then write your own page in our story! Contact us to find out more about stocking Mt Atkinson coffee at your cafe, restaurant or office.

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