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“It's only one straw" said 8 billion people

  Why do we still send more than 80% of our waste to landfill in New Zealand? Why has waste to landfill increased by 35% since 2009. How can this be with so much promotion and effort going into waste reduction and recycling?  There is a reason… Food contaminates packaging, making it uneconomic to recycle the packaging…  Packaging contaminates food, so the food scraps cannot be composted… As a result both end their life in landfill. It makes sense then to use Compostable Packaging, so food & packaging can be composted together, returning to the earth, a cycle… the very definition of sustainability. Old thinking is: TAKES - USES – DUMPS This is where we take from the environment without respect for nature, then use, exploit and then dump without consideration of the consequences, polluting...

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1kg Coffee bag now made with compostable materials!

Brand new design for our 1kg coffee bags drops today. A fully bespoke, New Zealand made bag constructed of high barrier compostable materials. We worked closely with Friendlypak, a local West Auckland company to create the unique silhouette of this package. The design, like our logo is inspired by our very own rain forest, the Waitakere ranges.   Line the packaging up front facing or backwards, it creates a mountain range. Also features the ability to distinguish between blends. Make sure you check what blend you are getting as we stock the Huia blend, Piha blend and the soon to drop, Muriwai Blend. Each have distinct flavour profiles designed to cater for a range of taste desires.     Partnered...

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Coffee shout onsite for Accessman

Free coffee for the boys onsite? Lets do it. After starting a concrete slab pour at 1am, we rocked up at 730am with hot espresso coffee. The response was extremely positive. Accessman wanted to treat these guys for a huge effort all night. What better way than hot coffee on a cold morning. If you need something like this, get in touch. These are our favourite types of jobs.

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Stirling Sports Product Launch.

Stirling Sports launched a new range of womens wear down at Silo park in the Auckland CBD. For the launch they had activities showing the ranges capabilities. In order to get participants in the zone they were served a delicious espresso coffee by one of our team.  It's such a privilege to work with experiential marketing managers who pull off professional events. If you want that premium experiential edge at your next event, get in touch. We would love to help out.

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A note from AL, our coffee taster.

Hi my name is Al, and I have a coffee problem Well, not a problem as such. More a habit. Really, I just think too much about coffee. I’ll explain why, but first: some personal history. I have a background in the wine industry.

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