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West Auckland’s Premium Coffee Roaster.

Having a coffee can represent so much more than enjoying a caffeinated beverage. It can be a moment with friends, time on your own, connection with people outside of work or even your first date. Coffee has become such an ingrained part of our society. And for many, coffee is a way of life. Coffee is universal, it connects people from many different walks of life. That has been the founding principle of the Mt Atkinson coffee roaster crew. As a crew, we are rewriting the usual coffee story. Won’t you join us?

Where It All Began...

Back in 2007, Jacob Parsons began Mt Atkinson Coffee with a big dream and legacy to fulfil. After losing his friend Andy, who had designed and built the initial coffee cart, Jacob had a vision to serve the best coffee in the world. So, he hit the West Auckland streets in the now iconic coffee cart.

2010 arrived and Jacob took a trip that would change his life. He travelled to a Gulu, a little town in Nothern Uganda, East Africa, to help build houses for war affected children, but while he was there he spent time exploring the coffee plantations. He met with lots of people growing great coffee, and heard stories of local coffee farmers who lacked the infrastructure to get a fair price for their product.

Jacob came back to New Zealand fired up with the dream to help these Ugandan coffee farmers through a direct trade partnership. So, later that year, he launched Mt Atkinson Coffee Roasters with the aim of providing the best coffee to local west Auckland cafes and to his own cart, while paying the coffee farmers a fair price for their beans.

About Mt Atkinson

“In everything we do, we transform lives”

Fast forward to today and Mt Atkinson is a coffee roaster that roasts beans on a daily basis to create what customers call “the best coffee in the world”.

We are now importing container loads of coffee from Uganda. All of this coffee directly contributes to community transformational initiatives in the Kanungu region of West Uganda.

The dream is that a new story would be written about the Kanungu region. That they would thrive as a result of our coffee purchasing.

The Mt Atkinson crew is headed by Jacob, Emily and the team, but it does not stop there. The crew also includes the coffee farmers in Uganda, the New Zealand cafes that serve Mt Atkinson coffee to their patrons, the customers who visit the coffee cart for a chat and a delicious coffee hit, those that embrace the coffee cart hire service at their events, and the people that buy via the online store.

And you could be part of the crew too!

About Mt Atkinson Coffee 

West is best

“We love that serving coffee provides a space for a great connection to happen. Genuine connection is what the world needs. For us at Mt Atkinson, we are about connecting on every level, with our social media followers, with the people who buy and serve our coffee, and with the communities and people who grow and process the magic bean.”

Why Mt Atkinson?

We could think of no better name for our coffee than Mt Atkinson. The name of our local Titirangi mountain and the surname of our late friend and coffee cart designer Andrew Atkinson, It could only ever be Mt Atkinson. We are proud to make the best coffee in the world of West Auckland! What makes our coffee the best? There are three things that set our coffee apart from the rest...

Direct Trade

Many businesses support fair trading practices, but they are only halfway there. We are not simply a coffee roaster. We transform lives by creating direct trade partnerships so that we get to know our growers and can guarantee excellent quality every time. We also help to support and grow the farming communities by paying them a fair price for their beans.

Post Blending techniques

Because the beans we roast are grown in many different climates, they all behave differently during the roasting process. Post blending means that we roast all our coffee as a single origin. After the roasting process, we mix these roasted single origins together to create our rich and tasty blends. This takes longer, but the end result is so much better.

The Crew

Coffee is more than a beverage. It is an experience. One of our favourite things about serving coffee is the people we meet and the friendships we make. Mt Atkinson would be nothing without our crew.

Where Can You Find Us?

There are plenty of places you can enjoy Mt Atkinson coffee…

At Home

Our online store is full of our delicious coffee blends that we will courier right to your door. You can enjoy whole beans, or a different variety of grinds (plunger, filter, or espresso) from the comfort of your couch, at work, or on the go.

The Tannery

Known as the best in the west, this ‘Refined Westie’ cafe at 44b Portage Road, New Lynn, houses our Mt Atkinson Roastery. With plenty of space for the kids to play and a facility for group bookings, all your bases are covered.

Coffee Cart Hire

If you have an upcoming event, then we can bring The Cart to you. From backyard weddings to concerts and festivals, we have done it all!

Local Cafes

We supply numerous cafes and eateries throughout Auckland and the North Island with our delicious coffee blends. Find our coffee at your local cafe, or become a stockist yourself.

Won’t you head to the store and join our crew?


Mt Atkinson