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Remarkable coffee cart hire from our people to yours.

Are you creating an event to remember?

Do you want to treat your team or boost staff moral?

Regardless of the size, and no matter the location, your event deserves to be remarkable.

And you know what every great event needs… write-home-about coffee. Our Coffee Cart Hire is available for events of any size - whether it’s your wedding reception, a corporate event, or even a festival. Not only will you love our consistently great tasting coffee blends, roasted right here in Aotearoa, but we love to share the experience with you, wherever you happen to be. Coffee brings people together. Invite us to your party and we guarantee to be the life of it.

Mt Atkinson Coffee Cart

Mt Atkinson Coffee Cart hire

When you hire a Mt Atkinson Coffee Cart we can guarantee three very important things…

  1. Out-of-this-world coffee your people will rave about
  2. Next level, friendly service
  3. An unforgettable experience!

Coffee Cart Hire service means we can share beautiful coffee with the rest of New Zealand too. The Mt Atkinson cart brings delicious espresso to coffee lovers during all kinds of events. From festivals and concerts to corporate occasions and wedding receptions, we can set up anywhere. Our modern, self-sufficient cart will serve the best coffee to all your guests.

Worried about your destination? Don’t be! One customer hired us to travel to Dunedin to make coffee for their clients! Our friendly team regularly travels to the Coromandel, Mt Maunganui or the far north of New Zealand in the coffee cart. In fact, we love the opportunity to serve Aotearoa. We are stoked to get out and travel around this awesome country, making new friends on the way. What’s great is that you won’t need to worry about us when we arrive. We are totally self-sufficient! We have power and water on board… and amazing coffee, of course! Planning a big event? No problem. We are set up to offer multi coffee cart hire options for larger scale events. Just let us know how many people you are expecting and we can make a recommendation on how many carts you would need. Click here to make your enquiry and we will be in touch shortly to let you know all the details to make this happen for you.

Coffee cart hire is one thing, but what about the actual coffee? Well, we are not afraid to say that our coffee is world famous in West Auckland (and beyond that too!) We have been roasting our own beans for almost ten years now and we like to think we have perfected the art.

What’s so great about our coffee?

Apart from being consistently great tasting, our coffee is life transforming. Not just for the people who need a caffeine hit (though we like to think we transform their day in a pretty special way!), but we actually change lives. Our coffee is sourced directly from farmers and growers across the world. We don’t only support fair trade, we are actively creating partnerships of direct trade. That means, we personally know many of our growers. They are passionate about what they do, and we are passionate about supporting them through our business. The end result? You can taste the love in every drop.

Do you want to know why we have the best Coffee Cart Hire in New Zealand? Custom built from the ground up, this coffee cart is like no other. So it looks great. Then, we roast our coffee locally right here in West Auckland. So it tastes great. The mouth-watering smell of freshly brewed coffee draws people in from miles away. People can’t stop themselves from joining the queue. We deliver on that, every single time.

Then lastly, it’s the people factor. Mt Atkinson loves Whānau and all that it means. We have welcomed farmers, growers, baristas, employees, stockists, courier drivers, customers and so many more into the Mt Atkinson whanau, won’t you join us too? Whatever the event is you are planning we love to get on board with your vision and become that perfect crema on top. So if you are looking for amazing coffee cart hire for your next occasion, get in touch with us today. Big or small events, up north or down south... we can bring the coffee love to you with our Mt Atkinson Coffee Carts.

The Mt Atkinson Coffee Cart Story...

Back in 2007, the Mt Atkinson story began. Andy Atkinson had a dream to serve the best coffee in the world from a custom built coffee cart which he had designed and built. This was the first of the very carts you know and love today. Andy did everything with an intense passion, so when he tragically died in January 2007, Jacob knew he had to honour his friend and continue this great legacy. And what a dream he has created. In 2007 Jacob parked the cart on Atkinson Rd in Titirangi and started selling coffee. It became a community institution. Between 7am and 10am Monday to Friday, you would find a bustling, loud group of locals who are friendly and keen for a chat… over a coffee.

But but it didn’t stop there…

After returning from an adventure in Uganda, Jacob started roasting his own coffee and Mt Atkinson Coffee was born. He opened The Tannery café to showcase the coffee with Kohu Road ice-cream. This meant the coffee cart became available for hire. The business of serving and making the best coffee has continued, grown and evolved and the Mt Atkinson story will continue to do so in the years to come.

Mt Atkinson