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Direct Trade Coffee - What impact does it have?

Mt Atkinson

We connect your cup of coffee directly with positive change for a community in West Uganda. But what difference does it actually make?

This coffee that we import and roast, directly provides funding for remote maternity clinics in the Kanungu region of West Uganda.

Here in New Zealand, we enjoy very safe, accessible environments for women during child birth, as well as skilled professionals to guide them through the process. The result is, we have very low rates of child mortality and maternal (mothers) mortality during childbirth.

It was shocking when we found out, that women in Kanungu, West Uganda have a 48x higher chance of dying during labour than if they were in NZ. Like you, we want to see this improve for this coffee growing community.

The risks for Ugandan mothers and children are immense. Only 1 in 4 mothers have access to antenatal services, and less than half of mothers deliver from health facilities. Out of every 1000 babies born, 76 die before their 1st need. Children are born stunted, underweight and sometimes acutely malnourished.

Some comparisons:

Health indicator

New Zealand

Kanungu, West Uganda


Infant mortality




Maternal mortality





*Stats from:

Our direct trade coffee directly funds health clinics that provide basic reproductive,  maternal and child health services to pregnant mothers.

It also funds health camps, a team who go into hard to reach communities and where mothers and children struggle for access to health services. The team consists of nutritionists, midwives, paediatricians, general practitioners and counsellors.

So drink up, while that brew of coffee you are sipping on is providing life to your day, it is also providing life on the other side of the world.

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Change your life, change theirs too.

Mt Atkinson