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We are back! The Mt Atkinson Coffee Shop reopens!

Mt Atkinson

You may have already come visit, or seen online, but we opened The Mt Atkinson Coffee Shop in May 2021 and boy are we stoked. How has this happened? Where is it? Didn’t it used to be the Tannery Café?

Great questions, let me clear that up for you with a whirlwind history of our involvement at 44b Portage Road, New Lynn, West Auckland.

Way back in 2013 Mt Atkinson Coffee was just a coffee cart on Atkinson Road with a big dream. That dream was to help Ugandan coffee growers by buying and importing their coffee.

We needed a space to roast and serve our coffee and so we opened The Tannery café on Portage Road, in New Lynn (inside the Historic Tannery building).

Good things come in pairs: Fish and Chips, Matt Black and every surface, Coffee and Ice Cream. 

The Tannery quickly became a destination to grab a bagel and watch Mt Atkinson Coffee being roasted and Kohu Road Ice Cream being made. It is always relaxing watching someone else work right? People came in droves to get a Mt Atkinson//Kohu Road affogato.

The hospitality industry is all about people, and we were blessed with incredible staff and customers that made coming to work an absolute pleasure.

In 2018 after returning from a trip to Uganda we felt our season as owners of The Tannery Café had changed. While in Uganda we had met people actually making a difference for a community of coffee growers, and they needed someone to buy their coffee. This became our next mission: Direct Trade Coffee. Importing coffee that funded the transformation of a community

We put it out to a few people that we were interested in selling the cafe and one of our regular customers took it on. We didn’t leave 44b Portage Rd, we stayed onsite, took a step back and focused on the coffee roasting and supply.

We landed a couple of containers of Direct Trade Coffee from Uganda, and focused of fulfilling our mission of connecting every cup of Mt Atkinson coffee to community transformation for coffee growers of Uganda. Nationally the online coffee business exploded during the Covid-19 lockdowns and Mt Atkinson Coffee was lucky to be part of that. People all over NZ began drinking West Ugandan Direct Trade Coffee while at home.

The season shifted again earlier this year when The Tannery Café came up for sale. It felt like the right thing to do, so we took it back on as a place to serve our coffee and connect each cup to community transformation on the other side of the world in Uganda.

Our dream is that you would be inspired to change the world while in our space.

There are a few big changes:

We have changed the name.

It is now called Mt Atkinson Coffee Shop. The dream is to showcase our coffee and tell the story of the growers.

We are only open Monday to Friday. While this is a big change to the business financially, we have 3 young children and we are committed to keeping our weekends free for them in this stage of life.

A new fitout. We have invested in changing up the look and feel and layout of the space. We have brought in design aspects to reflect the colours and bush of Uganda. 

Coffee, Goods and Gear. Our shop shelves are stacked with products you will love. We now offer a bigger range of fresh roasted coffee, coffee gear for making a epic brew, and goods made in Aotearoa.

Events and Meeting space. We have a private meeting room for hire with presentation TV and WIFI, the board room has a table for 8 and is perfect for a team meeting or small gathering.

Hosting events in our industrial space has already been popular and due to not being open on Saturday and Sunday, Our space is available for hire any weekend day or night event. Due to not being open on Saturday and Sunday, the space is available for hire ALL weekend days as well as nights


Pop in for a visit, a coffee and a chat. Remember while your Mt Atkinson Coffee is transforming your morning, it is also transforming the lives of coffee growers on the other side of the world.

Mt Atkinson