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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - ONE OFF

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Each month we are going to offer a limited run bag of coffee from a coffee growing nation in Africa. It is a great opportunity to try how amazingly different and interesting coffee is.



This Month’s country: Ethiopia.

Coffee type: Yirgacheffe.

Tasting notes: Caramel, Passionfruit, Dark Chocolate.

Yirgacheffe (pronounced yer-guh-cheff) is grown in Southern Ethiopia.

History credits Ethiopia as the birthplace of coffee (discovered around 850 AD). A young Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi noticed increased energy and liveliness in his flock after they ate the beans of a small shrub. Kaldi gave these beans a try, noticed the effects and BOOM, humanity was never the same again.

In Ethiopia coffee grows wild in the native bush due to healthy soil, high elevation and moderate rain fall.

Yirgacheffe is beautiful tasting coffee. It is known for big, bright and floral flavours. Ideal for hot and cold brew methods.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pauline Harris

Delicious and easy to drink

Amanda Sullivan
Loved it

Filter blend - absolutely love the flavours!

Lisa Prior

Didn't love it, wasn't special. The last time I tried a little bag of expensive coffee it was next level incredible. This was not worth the extra $

Mt Atkinson