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Sweet Sting - Chilli Infused Honey One OFF

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Introducing SWEET STING. A chilli infused hot honey inspired by the beautiful buzz of sweet and heat.

Sweet Sting is designed to drizzle, dunk, dip or baste to take your favourite foods to the next level. It’s perfect with cheese and crackers, essential on pizza and chicken and is a versatile complement to almost every food, from ice cream to cocktails.

No Added Sugar

No Added Preservatives

No Additived

No Artificial Flavours

No Stablisers

The Sweet Sting recipe was perfected over months of trial and error, tested on our very patient friends and family.  Even the type of chilli we use is very specific, we experimented with 9 varieties until we found the perfect balance of heat and flavour. We're a completely natural product, our honey is sourced from a Nelson based supplier and our fresh chillies come from Hawkes Bay and Northland, the only extra addition is a dash of organic apple cider vinegar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph Smith

so tasty, who knew all honey needed was chilli

Terence Morrison
And now for something completely different...

Sweet Sting, perfectly named. It is beautifully sweet, and a real chili sting to let you know you are alive. Highly recommended, but be warned, the sting really does if you aren't used to hot chili :)

One day down along with 1/4 of the bottle…AMAZING

This is so delicious. Just enough heat to let you know it has chilli but a perfect balance of flavours. I need to buy some for my family members and the Christmas table.
So far it’s deliciously good with bacon, chicken, ham, and French toast.

Sweet or Savory Sting

Awesome honey that goes well with anything that tickles your fancy - great balance between spice from the chili and sweetness from the honey

Briar Earl
Delicious Spicy Addition to my Life

Very impressed with the Sweet Sting - Chilli Infused Honey. I love hotsauce and put it on so many things I eat. I also love honey and my favourite combo is honey and cheese on crackers. The Sweet Sting - Chilli Infused Honey has taken this taste experience to the next level (I don't think I would have ever thought to add chilli to my honey). The bottle it comes in is fabulous too, really easy to do controlled application to whatever you want to eat the honey with.

Mt Atkinson