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Decaffeinated coffee - all the flavour, just no caffeine

What makes a good coffee?

Well, we should know as here at Mt Atkinson, we pride ourselves on roasting the best coffee. Our unique variations are a delicious blend of single origin beans. And our decaffeinated coffee is no exception. Like all the rest of our blends, it is utterly transformational on many levels. Super fresh and roasted weekly, word on the street is ours is the best tasting decaf coffee to be found.

And the best part?

Not only do you get all the flavour, body and amazingness of a regular cup of coffee, but you are helping us support a direct trade revolution. We are passionate about supporting the livelihood of coffee farmers around the world. As much as we can we are working directly with farmers and growers and our decaf is proudly fair trade organic.

Taste alone can justify our obsession with knowing where our beans have come from. But the value fair and direct trade brings to farmers is by no means less important. We love being part of a positive feedback loop. Supporting the incomes of farmers by paying fair prices means they can reinvest in sustainable cultivation, purchase higher quality beans and continue to give you what you demand - exceptional and consistently great tasting coffee, season after season.

No caffeine does not have to mean no good!

We roast a great decaf! And we make it using a fair trade organic, select water processed green bean from Peru.That all sounds a little complex, but the only thing complex about our decaffeinated coffee is the flavour!

How do we make our decaffeinated coffee?

We would never compromise on the quality of any of our coffee blends, so we roast the Select Water process beans to create our decaf. The Select Water process is a 100% chemical-free decaffeination method. Using pure water, the caffeine in coffee beans is gently removed until they are 99.9% caffeine-free. This process removes the caffeine without compromising the coffee's flavour, body and aroma characteristics that our favourite beans offer.

Where can you enjoy our decaffeinated coffee?

The simple answer is whenever you like! Available by the bag from our online store, you can enjoy it at home, at work or on the go. Come visit us at the roastery and see the roasting process. Also available at our coffee cart when you hire for your next event. Shop our decaf coffee blend now!

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