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1kg Coffee bag now made with compostable materials!

Mt Atkinson

Brand new design for our 1kg coffee bags drops today. A fully bespoke, New Zealand made bag constructed of high barrier compostable materials. We worked closely with Friendlypak, a local West Auckland company to create the unique silhouette of this package. The design, like our logo is inspired by our very own rain forest, the Waitakere ranges.


Line the packaging up front facing or backwards, it creates a mountain range. Also features the ability to distinguish between blends.
Make sure you check what blend you are getting as we stock the Huia blend, Piha blend and the soon to drop, Muriwai Blend. Each have distinct flavour profiles designed to cater for a range of taste desires.



Partnered with our range of takeaway cups, this bag brings us one step closer to all of our packaging being compostable.



Commercially compostable packaging is an incredible concept, and the more companies that get on board, the bigger the positive impact on our environment. Being an emmerging industry, there are always questions of how it all works.


I am working closely with FriendlyPak and Convex, local New Zealand companies who are leaders in the compostable packaging industry.


If you have some burning questions, (I know I did) email them through I will follow this up with answers in the next week.  

Mt Atkinson