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Jacob Parsons started his business back in 2007 when he bought a coffee cart and hit his local west Auckland streets, providing early morning pick-me-ups to tired parents and busy professionals (usually one and the same!)

The cart was built and designed by Andrew Atkinson, a good friend of Jacob’s who tragically drowned in January 2007 near Mystery Creek in Hamilton. Andy Aky (as he was known to his friends) had the cart built from the ground up from his own custom design. His vision to open a coffee cart that served the best coffee in the world was a big legacy to follow and so to continue in the vision of producing excellent coffee, 2010 Jacob launched Mt Atkinson Coffee Roasters with the aim of providing first rate coffee to local west Auckland cafes and to his own cart.

The coffee cart on Atkinson Rd has become a community institution. Between 7am and 10am Monday to Friday you will find a bustling, loud group of locals who are friendly and keen for a chat… over a coffee. Now Mt Atkinson Coffee supplies a growing number of cafes and businesses in the North Island.

‘Mt Atkinson is my local mountain in Titirangi, and it is the surname of Andrew Atkinson, my friend who built our first cart. Whatever Andy did he did it with passion and his ability to chat and connect with people inspired me. My favourite thing about the coffee industry is the wide range of people that you meet. I’ve found if you make good coffee and have exceptional service, you meet them regularly. The coffee cart has provided a unique connection with an amazing community, and now roasting is taking that to further horizons.’

Jacob Parsons.


Mt Atkinson Coffee

Mt Atkinson Coffee is daily roasting high quality green coffee beans, sourced from around the world. We have found that during the roasting process, each origin of coffee behaves differently and so we batch roast our coffee as the single origin and then blend them to get the desired flavours. We take a great interest in where our beans come from and we travel often to Africa for coffee research. Members of our staff have worked on coffee farms overseas and have some great stories to tell. The Colombian coffee we roast is sourced directly from the farmers families. We are constantly developing our coffee as we experiment more with roasting and blending for specific brewing techniques.

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The Tannery is situated at 44b Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland. It is now under new Ownership of Sia and Andre They are open 7.30am – 4pm  7 days. This is a large space serving Mt Atkinson coffee, Kohu Road ice cream and Best Ugly bagels. The beauty about this space is the fusion of ice cream and coffee. It's the best in the west. There are windows peering into both where the ice cream is made and Mt Atkinson's Roastery. This provides a visual and sensory feel to the café saying, ‘Good things come in pairs’, highlighting both ice cream and coffee at their finest. It is a unique space as its design is built up around the image ‘Refined Westie’, with running themes of black, exposed wood in the shape of mountains show casing the Waitakere ranges, and leather tying in the history of the building being a working tannery. The play area for the kids is a caravan inside the building with books and toys to keep the little ones entertained. We also take bookings for hiring the space for functions and events. This café represents all that Mt Atkinson Coffee has to offer with great coffee, friendly staff, food and ice cream. It is much more than a café and definitely worth a visit.



Mt Atkinson Coffee // The Cart



The Mt Atkinson cart brings first rate espresso to coffee lovers during events. From festivals and concerts to corporate occasions and wedding receptions, we can set up anywhere in our modern, self sufficient cart and serve the best coffee to all your guests. Our friendly team have travelled as far as the Coromandel, Mt Maunganui and Hamilton to the far north of New Zealand in the coffee cart. We are stoked to get out and travel around this awesome country, making new friends on the way. What’s great is that you won’t need to worry about us when you arrive, we have power and water on board. We are set up to offer multi coffee cart options for larger scale events. Enquire for a booking.


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