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Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee 200g - Thomson Whisky Collaboration
Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee 200g - Thomson Whisky Collaboration

Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee 200g - Thomson Whisky Collaboration

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Back again. Coffee Meets Whisky

Before Auckland went into lockdown we managed to get our hands on some whisky barrels from our mates at Thomsons Whisky 🥃

 These barrels were filled with Colombian supremo green coffee beans and rolled around the roastery for the last 8 months. The coffee draws out the beautiful Manuka smoke whisky that is still soaked in the wood of the barrel. 

We recommend enjoying this coffee as cold brew over ice. Since it has had a delicate process of infusing over time, you don’t want heat in the process of brewing.

You get:

  • 1 pack 200g Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee.
  • 50ml Vanillla Syrup.
  • Recipe Card on how to make cold brew.



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nick Platt
Indescribably good

The aroma alone makes these beans worth the price. Very refreshing as a cold brew served over ice, either with or without the vanilla syrup added. I didn't have a suitable cloth to strain the brew through (and wasn't about to sacrifice a black t-shirt) so I filtered it through my Chemex, which worked quite well.

Nick Little
Ideal at lunch, dinner or breakfast...

Made as a cold brew, the Mt Atkinson Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee is a refreshing drink enjoyed in the heat of the day, or as an evening drink with dessert (maybe with a shot or two of something involved). I've even had it as my breakfast time wake up drink... 8)

Thanks to Jacob and the team for bringing us this taste sensation!

Thank You

Thank you for fulfilling the order promptly and with such professionalism.
Making the coffee will be a Christmas activity I look forward to very much - and then delighting others with something a little out of the ordinary.

Brendan Lincoln
Thomson Aged Coffee

Hi Guys, loving this one. Great work. I ve been grinding the beans fresh with my Haro grinder then pressing it through on my Newton Espresso.
Im picking up crushed pineapple and summer fruits. The crema is creamy. LOVE it. Almost feels like I’ve put in a dash of whiskey in m coffee. Im drinking your coffee everyday on a film job Sweet Tooth. If you have any left over beans Id be keen for them. Cheers. Brendan Lincoln - Set Decoration Fabricator.

Matt S
Great tasting coffee!

Amazing annual release, makes a good Christmas present for the coffee lover in your life...or for yourself!

Mt Atkinson