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Ethiopian Guji Mormora - One Off

Ethiopian Guji Mormora - One Off

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Ethiopian Guji – Danse Mormora
Roast: Light filter.

Ideal for: Pour over, Chemex or Aeropress.

Region: Guji Zone, Haro Lebetu
District: Uraga 
Nearest town: Danse Mormora
Washing station: Shakiso
Altitude: 2100-2310 meters above sea level
Soil Type: Red brown, well drained fertile clay soil
Rainfall: 1500-2000mm
Soil Depth: Above 1.5 meter
Water source: Spring water
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Natural
Grade: Grade 1
Cupping Score: 84.50 points

Coffee professionals throughout the world are realizing that Guji, as a coffee region, is significantly different than its neighbouring regions, Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. Guji zone was previously categorised as a sub-region of Sidamo, but has proven itself as distinct. It has gained reputation and stature because of its unique and differentiating flavour profiles.

The ideal setting for this coffee is a slow Saturday morning with your feet up, sipping a chemex and yarning with a good mate.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Benjamin Ray
Amazing smell

Smells wonderful and tastes beautiful (always with cream).

Ben Harper
Bets yet

Loving it! Don't make it a one off!

Christopher Steel
To be known and to know! Drinking the "Guj"

I'm only doing this review because of my solid friendship with Jake the owner of this fine establishment. I will say through, every-time I taste the "Guj" it does things for me emotional and sexually no other coffee does. It gets me in my most inner being and in the end that is all we need. To be known and to know!

Heather Besseling

Ethiopian Guji Mormora - Limited Release

Puisar Chan

Ethiopian Guji Mormora - Limited Release

Mt Atkinson