Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee



We are pumped to be releasing our Whiskey Barrel Aged coffee.

This is a very limited release just in time for the festive season.


Our Whiskey Barrel aged coffee is made from a single origin Colombian bean,  Aged in an American Bourbon Whiskey Barrel for the past 18 months. This Barrel was diligently rolled  every few days.  Once aged the beans are then small batch roasted carefully so that the amazing flavours come through from the past.

This is an epic coming together of coffee and whiskey. This brew will delight your senses, serve it up to your friends and family and feel that festive vibe.

Buy Now as we only have very limited numbers

How to make the Perfect Whiskey Cold brew at home

Cold Brew at Home Recipe

Things you need:

Glass jar

Cheese cloth or Nut Mylk bag

100g Mt Atkinson Coffee

2 Cups Cold Water

25ml Vanilla Syrup or Sugar syrup

Cold Brew Concentrate Method 

Grind coffee beans to a plunger grind.

Combine the ground coffee and cold water in the jar.

Stir to incorporate.

Steep the coffee covered overnight in the fridge. Min 12 hours, Max 24 hours.

Strain the coffee concentrate through the cloth / Bag.

Transfer to the cold brew to a clean jar , storage in fridge ( up to two week)

Mixing up the perfect Whiskey Barrel Aged Cold brew.

Mix together ½ cup whiskey barrel aged cold brew concentrate , ½ cup of Water (still or sparkling)

Stir in Vanilla Syrup to taste

Select your favourite glassware , Pour over ice. Serve and Enjoy

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Cheers !! We hope you enjoy this Christmas Season.

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